St. Bartholomew's 125th Anniversary of Present Church

30th November 2008

This banner celebrating events of the past 125 years was presented at a special service on the above date. It was crafted by our Crafty Creators who are Jessica, Harriet, Heather, Rachael, Fiona, Jasmine, Sophie, Connie, Tobias, Theo and Amillie. Thanks go to these young people and all the 'Mums' who provided help and support for the project which started in the half term school holiday.

At the top we have the years of the consecration of the Church and the 125th Anniversary, together with Holy Spirit represented as a dove and the chalice and paten representing the celebration of Holy Communion over the years.

In the centre we have a picture of the church and details of the foundation stone and insignia of St. Bartholomew.

Below is a large bell and several smaller ones as a reminder of the work done on the Bell Tower this year.

The War Memorial with poppies of various sizes is a symbol of Remembrance, below which is represented Advent and Christmas, the installation of electricity in 1948, and communication through the ages.

On the left is the Millennium Window dedicated in May 2000. The Fairtrade symbol is followed by details of Church wood which was bequeathed to the church in 1983. Transport through the ages is represented from horses to cars and planes.

On the right hand side is an illustration of regular Christingle Services and Kneeler project of 2003-04. There are details of all the Kings and and Queens who have reigned in the last 125 years. Many types of flowers represent the annual Flower Festivals and Open Gardens which are held in May.

Across the bottom we have illustrations of the Olympic Games this year and the message from Hebrews - Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and evermore.

One of our congregation remarked it would be good for the banner to remain visible in our Church at least until the children presently involved in Crafty Creators were able to show their children what was achieved.

My thoughts - may our church continue to serve this community in the name of Jesus Christ evermore.