This website was "opened for business" by John Wedrychowski back in April 2001. We are grateful for the contributions we have received from both villagers and visitors who do not actually live in the village, but who have had some contact with, or interest in Hints, in the past. We are also most grateful for the various permissions which we have received to allow us use of some material which is under copyright.
Val and Eddie Shaw
  Val and Eddie Shaw (who produced the wonderful  displays in the village hall) have written a book on Hints and have very kindly  made 3 copies available to the village. Val has spent the last 4 years researching and writing the book and without her input the book would not have been written.  They are currently in the possession of Paul Blackmore, Janet Clarke and Val Edwards. If anyone wishes to borrow one, please contact one of the above - on a strict "library" type of loan!

Val Edwards


Val is a Law Lecturer and an Art Historian who has lived in the village since 1980. We are grateful to Val for permission to publish her work on the history of St. Bartholomew's Church and for her detective work on the windows.

The Environment Agency


The publication of much archaeological and historic detail described on this web site has been made possible by the kind permission of the Environment Agency. We are most grateful to be able to incorporate material derived from the Earthworks Archaeological Society report (Project No E46) which was commissioned by their predecessors the NRA.

Sylvia Dibbs


The information we publish on William Weightman was brought to our attention by Sylvia Dibbs, who has also transcribed the inventory attached to his will. Thank you Syliva for a most interesting contribution. Sylvia has published a book tracing the Weightman (Weetman) family. Details here .


Tim Sandberg found the Hints-Village web site and sent an email introducing himself. Tim is related to the Floyer family and has a wealth of information on his web site. Click here for more detail.

Earthworks Archaeological Society


Aston House,The Highway,Ewloe,Flintshire CVH5 3DN
Tel 01244 534958, Fax 01244 532899, Mobile 07773 721565
Contact: Will Walker

Lichfield District Records Office


We are grateful to the Lichfield District Records Office for permission to publish extracts from the Will of William Weightman, and to publish the scanned image of the original will. If you have an interest on local history, the Lichfield District Records Office is a very good place to find information and help. Andrew George became the Area Archivist in 2006.



In addition, if you are interested in history, one of the most comprehensive web sites providing accurate historic information is the UK Geneology site. Their logo is here on the left. Clicking it will take you to their Staffordshire parishes page, where you will find Hints and all the other Staffordshire parishes listed. This site is well worth a visit

 Philip Rayner


The two old photographs of Rose cottage and the picture of St.Bartholomew's Church were sent by Philip Rayner, and supplemented by some interesting notes and comments. Thank you Phil.

John Wedrychowski


John was a licenced evangalist in Fazeley who did the hard work back in 2001 by creating the original website. It was with great sadness that we learned that John passed away in November 2019.

Mithra Tonking
  Mithra Tonking is the Lichfield Diocesan Archivist, who helped with the list of incumbents at St.Bartholomew's since 1883.

Richard Williams

  Thanks to Richard for the excerpt from his STAFFORDSHIRE CLERGY DIRECTORY: A Biographical And Genealogical Account of the Clergy of the Established Church of England.