Inside St. Bartholomew's



Sometimes the hardest thing is to take the first step. It can be especially hard to take the first step over the threshold of a Church.

As you come through the old doorway and see the pews and alter, you may be struck by the reverence which old churches often inspire. This is the House of God. Here for many generations Christians have been coming to meet with their maker and saviour.

Here, praise, worship, prayer, sadness and joy have passed to God from his people. Here, Grace, Mercy, Healing and Forgiveness have passed from from God to his people.

This is a special place, but it is not a place to fear. God wants his people to know him and to receive all that he has to give them. Hints Church is a place where people accept that God sent Jesus for our salvation. The sovereignty of Jesus is acknowledged here. God wants all of us to know this and his call to his people is Come in! All are welcome!!

Entering a Church is not simply about entering a building. If you feel that you want to take the first steps over the threshold that will lead to your eternal life in God;s Kingdom be encouraged to do it. If you want to speak to someone before you do this why not call one of these people. They will help you.