William Weightman of Hints (1661)

These notes were kindly provided by Sylvia Dibbs

William Weightman married Benedicta Voughton, whose sister Ann married Thomas Guy of Tamworth. Their son became the Famous Thomas of Tam. Townhall & Guy's Hospital. Lots of William's descendents are named in Thomas' very extensive will. He was very wealthy! William's son Thomas Weetman's descendents were Papists in Staffs & Warwickshire. I can not find anything that suggests William Weightman was a papist.William's children & future generations all spell the name Weetman and I think Ed Weetman Hauliers, Pasturefields Staffs is one of his many descendents, some still in Staffs &Warks.

We have four interesting documents which relate to William Weightman. We have been given permission to publish both a scan of the original Will, and the transcript of the inventory of his belongings. They both take a little time to load, but they are well worth reading. The scan is difficult to understand, but we now have a good transcript (thanks to Sylvia Dibbs)and it is most interesting. Sylvia Dibbs has also transcribed the inventory, and it too makes fascinating reading. Please see the acknowledgements (menu bar above), and make use of any links, to visit the pages of those who have helped either by giving permission to publish, or by providing information directly.


On 20th Sept.2010 we received an email from James Jacobs, for which we are very grateful:-
Quote: I have had pleasure viewing your Hints village website and have enjoyed reading Sylvia Dibbs information on the Wightman family. I would like to make a few enquires on Sylvia Dibbs article on Thomas Guy's will regarding Lettice Cheatle as follows:-

"In the executors' ledger, Lettice seems not to have a payout and this is explained by the record of her death in the Hints register in 1683". 

From my understanding, Lettice Cheatle was baptised 11th November 1683, Hints, daughter of John Cheatle and Benedicta Wightman. Lettice Cheatle was later buried 24th December 1683, Hints. Sylvia's article implies Lettice Cheatle did not inherit from Thomas Guy's will owing to her death in 1683. However, upon further investigation, it seems there was another Lettice Cheatle baptised on 5th November 1688, Tamworth, Staffordshire, daughter of John Cheatle. This Lettice Cheatle married  Robert Cheshire, 3rd March 1716, Tamworth.

The Children of John Cheatle and Benedicta Weightman were as follows:-
1. Lettice Cheatle baptised 11th November 1683, Hints, Staffordshire. Died 24th December 1683, Hints, Staffordshire.
2. Lettice Cheatle baptised 5th November 1688, Tamworth, Staffordshire. Married to Robert Cheshire, 3rd March 1716, Tamworth.
3. Dorothy Cheatle baptised 3rd June 1691, Tamworth, Staffordshire.
4. Anne Cheatle baptised 27th February 1693, Tamworth, Staffordshire.
5. John Cheatle baptised 12th February 1696, Tamworth, Staffordshire.
6. William Cheatle baptised 2nd October 1699, Tamworth, Staffordshire.
7. Mary Cheatle baptised April 1702, Tamworth, Staffordshire.

I would be interested to know if Sylvia's research was able to establish any inheritance for Lettice Cheatle, married to Robert Cheshire - ref: records of executors' ledger for Thomas Guy's will. The copy of Thomas Guy's will of 4th September 1724 states the following:-

"I give unto the children of the said Benedicta Cheatle viz... Lettice, Dorothy, Anne, John, William and Mary Cheatle one thousand pounds apiece".Here's a link to Thomas Guy's will

I would also be interested to know whether Sylvia's research on the Wightman family had established any connection to the heretic - Edward Wightman executed 11th April 1612, Lichfield, Staffordshire.

It appears William Weightman of Hints was baptised 28th October 1627, Hints, Staffordshire, son of Nicholas Wightman and Dorothie Oldes. Nicholas Wightman married Dorothie Oldes 1st August 1626, Hints, Staffordshire. This Nicholas Wightman was baptised 18th March 1598, Kingsbury, Warwickshire, son of Edward Wightman.

I do not believe Edward Wightman of Kingsbury was the heretic as Edward Wightman executed at Lichfield was from Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire. However I would be interested to know if Sylvia made any connection to aforementioned Wightman families. It is possible Wightman families all descend from Burbage, Leicestershire.

I would be grateful to know whether Sylvia's book on John Weetman is available to buy from high street booksellers & hope Sylvia would be able to help with my enquiries.

Kind regards
James Jacobs.
Editor's comment: James has been in contact with Sylvia : he is hoping to link the Weightmans of Hints to the Wightmans of Kingsbury & Sylvia is also seeing if there might be some evidence for that. For details of the book mentioned click here .