Hints Zoological Society

Molly Badham and Nathalie Evans were rival pet shop owners in Sutton Coldfield but joined forces to buy a 3/4 acre plot in Hints Lane and build a bungalow to house both themselves and their menagerie of animals. Members of the public took great interest in the animals and Hints Zoological Society opened its doors in 1954, becoming a popular tourist attraction. Villagers who still live in Hints fondly remember the chimps who went on to become famous for their TV advertising.

The collection of animals and the number of visitors grew to the point where a larger site was necessary, and in the summer of 1962 the Society moved to the Twycross site where it remains to today. In 2003 Molly received an MBE for her contribution to the conservation of endangered species. She sadly passed away in 2007.

The gardens to the bungalow were opened to the public during the Open Gardens and Flower Festivals which were held annually until 2013. In 2017 a headstone was erected in St. Bartholomews churchyard in memory of the founders of Hints Zoo, who were Henry Oswald Evans, Audrey Eveline Evans, Sarah Nathalie Evans and Molly Winifred Badham.