Web Site Changes History

8/11/15 Parish page renamed, update on defibrillators.  
16/08/15 Vacancy for Parish Clerk  
27/07/15 Village calendar, updated village hall hire page, Parish council minutes  
22/07/15 Details for 2015 Fete  
27/02/15 Church who's who and 2015 fees,  
15/02/15 February Newsletter , calendar and Parish Council minutes  
16/01/15 January Newsletter & calendar, update regarding Val and Eddie Shaw's book.  
20/12/14 Updated News and credits pages regarding Eddie and Val Shae  
30/09/14 Parish Council Minutes and Brockhurst Lane notice  
22/09/14 Added recipe for Soup served at Fete, and new calendar  
14/08/14 Village calendar and 1914-1918 page  
10/08/14 Village BBQ and improve home page for tablets.  
21/07/14 Updated Hints Calendar and added link to Canwell Show on home page  
18/07/14 Lichfield District information about Individual electoral registration  
27/06/14 Parish Annual Minutes, and Annual Parish Meeting  
09/06/14 Updated What's On including issue affecting browser cache.  
04/05/14 Hints May newsletter, moved 2013 (and earlier newsletters) to new Archive page. Links to external resources on Canwell page now open in new browser windows.  
24/04/14 Added fundraising appeal to St.Bartholomew's page.  
18/04/14 Update ref Sept 21st Flower Festival, remove close HS2 petition.  
29/03/14 Hints April newsletter. Added better photo or roll of honour for 1914-18 war.  
22/03/14 Parish Council minutes , neighbourhood plan and response to HS2 environmental statement . Updated Flower Festival  
08/02/14 Corrected St.Bartholomew's page. Date previous Church build corrected from 1711 to 1800 (ack. Val Edwards).  
04/02/14 Updated Parish councillors details and Church Who's Who . Corrected missing page error on Hints History page for Hints Zoo  
02/04/10 High Speed 2 news page New