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About HS2

Local Impact

HS2 affects you directly if you live near the route.  Many villages in Staffordshire including our village of Hints are directly affected.  No Environmental Impact Assessment was carried out before the route was announced.

In our area the route interests 16 public rights of way including 2 crossings of the Heart of England Way.  It impinges on 2 ancient woodlands which could be lost forever, unless further mitigation in the form of tunnelling is provided.

Construction Blight
If HS2 goes ahead we will suffer massive disruption which could last 6-7 years.  Excessive noise, possible 24 hour working, heavy goods traffic.  All causing a dramatic effect on business and residents in the area.

Operation Blight
Trains every 4 minutes for 19 hours per day.  In addition the curvature on the line round the village will cause increased noise as the train slows to negate this curve.  Resulting in extra extra wear and tear on the line requiring additional night time maintenance.

Not only will you pay for HS2, you will see it and hear it. 
You will get no benefit.  HS2 does not stop here.


Property devaluation:     
Property devaluation is 20-40% with many properties being blighted since March 2010 when route announced.
EHS Scheme:           
Only 16% of applications have been accepted.  Applications of those needing to move on grounds of health, job relocation (listed as criteria for EHS) have also been rejected.

Compensation (other than compulsory purchase):   
The last consultation was overwhelming in favour of the Property Bond scheme. However, the government has decided to have a 3rd consultation on compensation in Spring 2012. 

HS2 Action Alliance will be pushing very hard for the government to accept the Property Bond Scheme.  One of it’s goals are to fully compensate those whose properties lose value.

Further information on the EHS scheme, Compensation and the Property Bond Scheme can be found on the HS2 Action Alliance website.  www.hs2aa.org