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Action Groups Against High Speed Two

AGAHST Focus: co-ordination of Action Groups – to facilitate information and resource sharing, provides support for member groups. Nationally campaigns against HS2 and to adopt alternatives

AGAHST Organisation: Action Groups meet 6 weekly; AGHAST has a Board; funds a Campaign Director. Members are all local Action Groups and the 2 national groups - HS2AA and STOP HS2.

HS2AA Focus: to challenge the business and environmental case in media, parliament and courts, and fight for fair compensation - having developed and championed a new Property Bond approach. Leads on legal action against HS2 – won one case, one being appealed. Conducts national advertising and regularly meets with MPs & Lords.

HS2AA Organisation: all AGs can affiliate; has a board; funds advertising, expert reports and legal actions. Website summarises key arguments against HS2.  All roles unpaid.

HS2 Action Alliance Impact and Alternative Map (August 2012)

STOP HS2 Focus: national grassroots campaign group. It organises national activities, such as demonstrations outside Parliament, conventions and petitions. The Stop HS2 website is updated daily, and has an active online presence, with Twitter, YouTube and Facebook activities.

STOP HS2 Organisation: all Action Groups can support activities; has a board; funds a Campaign Director

Christopher Pincher, Member of Parliament for Tamworth - campaign

Staffordshire County Council - Website

Lichfield District Council - Website