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Hints Action Group

Is run entirely by volunteers with the primary objective of stopping HS2. However, we are fully committed to participating in the HS2 Community Forums to make the case for state of the art mitigation of environmental impacts on Bourne Vale and its ancient woodlands, the conservation area, the village and surrounding areas.

We are part of the AGAHST Federation. The Federation includes around 70 local action groups and national groups STOP HS2 and HS2 Action Alliance. We actively fund raise to support the Federation to continue the campaign and the Judicial Reviews which have been taken by HS2AA on our behalf to ensure the government do not ignore environmental issues and that those affected are fairly treated. We are always looking for volunteers to help us in this campaign. We particularly need help with fund raising.


In addition to the updates on this web site we publish a regular newsletter. These are delivered locally and sent electronically to the wider area. If you are not receiving this and would like to, please let us know.
June 2013 March 2013 December 2012 (See Archives for earlier issues).

Draft Environmental Statement

On Tuesday 25th June 2013 Ann went with Chris Pincher and other delegates from his constituency to meet the Secretary of State for Transport at his office in Westminster. Ann presented 2 briefing papers which may be read using the links below. Also see the Parish page of this website for the Parish Council response.

Hints & Area Short Tunnel Mitigation Proposal
Appendices supporting Hints Short Tunnel Proposal
Report on minimum mitigation

View Report Attachments

Compensation Meetings

The deadline for your to response to the Consultation was 31st January 2013. The Hints Action Group response may be read here - Action Group response . The HS2 Action Alliance press release regarding the outcome is on the Further Information Page.

Update on Open Meeting held in Hints Village Hall on 16 December 2012

Thanks to those who attended the meeting on Sunday which I hope you found informative. For residents of Hints Village who didn’t attend, we have packs prepared with the Consultation Document, Consultation Responses which we will distribute early in the New Year. These packs contain suggestions on how to respond and also post cards for you to distribute to your extended family or friends to complete.

It is recommended that at least one full form is completed by each household and the postcards used for other people in the household. These just need to be ticked , signed with   your address and are to be posted FREEPOST------- SO EASY to do!

Remember – organisations  e g Parish Council, County Council etc and companies can respond as well as the individuals who own or run them. If you want more post cards contact Ann or Fran  –  we have thousands of them ! You have until 31 January to respond to the Consultation.

Community Forums

Part of the Consultation Process. Hints and Area is part of the Drayton Bassett - Weeford Community Forum. (HS2 map 28).

The prime function of these forums is to enable the local communities to contribute to the development of the route design, minimise the potential impacts and to identify possible“local community benefits”. Meetings will be held bi-monthly and minutes will be posted here when available. Minutes 4th April 2012Forum Minutes

Please click here to view the Hints & Area Mitigation document which was presesented to HS2 at the Community Forum held in Hints village hall on June 19th. This document does not include the appendices and plan because the file would then be too large for our Parish's broadband. The Woodland Trust attended this forum and their blog can be read here.


Donations can be made to the fighting fund can be made via your Action Group. A standing order form can be downloaded here

Donations can also be made directly to HS2 Action Alliance for the Judial Review Fund. Judicial Reviews on compensation and Environmental issues.

This is our only chance to challenge HS2 in the courts. The campaigners for the Heathrow 3rd runway submitted a legal challenge and won. We are confident that there is a similarly strong case against the Government’s decisions on HS2.

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