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Affiliated to the AGAHST Federation ( Action groups against HS2 )

HS2 is an environmental disaster for our country. It will irreversibly damage many landscapes, ancient woodlands and wildlife habitats which simply cannot be replaced. It will also do nothing to reduce carbon emissions. If the Government had done the assessment properly they simply would not have reached the conclusion they did.

The Dft and HS2 Ltd. has ridden roughshod over public opinion and many expert voices to ignore all the viable alternatives in its desperation to promote HS2. We are still hopeful that Justine Greening will see sense and halt a project which offers such limited benefit for so much environmental damage. HS2 Action Alliance.

NEW 22/01/13 - An excellent DVD showing the devastation that will be caused to the environment, people, jobs and much more will today be released. It gives good coverage to our area and has been produced by professional photographer Keith Hoffmeister with voiceover by actor Geoffrey Palmer.

Copies are available from your Action Group at a cost of £3.  This will of course go towards funds to try to stop this huge white elephant. The following link takes you to a 'taster' for the disc on YouTube.

 If any of you use facebook or twitter then please pass this on.

Hints & Area Action Group are strongly opposed to HS2.
owever, we are fully committed to the Community Forums because
we do not want to rule out any opportunity to discuss Mitigation.